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IAEA hjälpte Pakistan bli kärnvapenmakt, gör samma nu med Iran.


Islamabad diverted mined uranium to its weapons program

July 16, 2015 
Daniel Greenfield

[Av någon anledning syns hela bilden bara på originalet,]

There's a lot of talk about what the assistance to Iran's "peaceful" nuclear program may mean and how separate it is from its supposed military program. First here's how the IAEA's rushed assessment of the military dimensions of the program will work, courtesy of the former head of the Verification and Security Policy Coordination Office at the IAEA.

“The fix is already in. The Americans have said they don’t want a confession,” Rauf told the Guardian Tuesday. He added, “Amano has said he will give an assessment report, not a conclusion, which is not what the IAEA normally does. His likely assessment by December is that there are unanswered questions, but the agency has what it needs, and it will be rubber-stamped by the board.”

But it gets worse. Here's how it happened with Pakistan.

The U.N. nuclear watchdog delivered monetary support and technical assistance for Pakistani uranium mining and reactors that produce plutonium following the South Asian state's 1998 nuclear weapons tests, according to records.

[Muslimen El Baradei var chef  97-09]

While the agency's support was meant to assist nonmilitary atomic energy operations, Islamabad diverted mined uranium to its weapons program, according to three one-time IAEA scientists with firsthand information about the matter.

"The uranium-mining assistance appears to have assisted Pakistan in furthering its nuclear weapons program," Federation of American Scientists President Charles Ferguson said. "What occurred was a lack of effective oversight."

The IAEA inability to ensure its support for member nations' energy efforts is not misused leads to doubts over the Austria-based watchdog's capacity to prevent proliferation of the nuclear material it assists nations in developing, according to Bloomberg.

No chance this will happen with Iran, right?

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