lördag 14 januari 2017

Obamas Krig mot USA.

Obamas Krig mot USA.

Obama’s War Against America

In 1989, following her tenure as President Ronald Reagan’s ambassador to the United Nations, Jeane Kirkpatrick described how the Palestinians have used the UN to destroy Israel.
Following outgoing US President Barack Obama’s assault on Israel at the UN Security Council last Friday, longtime UN observer Claudia Rossett wrote an important article at PJMedia where she recalled Kirkpatrick’s words.
In “How the PLO was legitimized,” published in Commentary, Kirkpatrick said that Yasser Arafat and the PLO worked “to come to power through international diplomacy – reinforced by murder.”
Kirkpatrick explained, “The long march through the UN has produced many benefits for the PLO. It has created a people where there was none; a claim where there was none. Now the PLO is seeking to create a state where there already is one. That will take more than resolutions and more than an ‘international peace conference.’ But having succeeded so well over the years in its campaign to delegitimize Israel, the PLO might yet also succeed in bringing the campaign to a triumphant conclusion, with consequences for the Jewish state that would be nothing short of catastrophic.”
As Rossett noted, in falsely arguing that Obama’s support for Friday’s UN Security Council Resolution 2334 is in line with Reagan’s policies, Obama’s UN Ambassador Samantha Power deliberately distorted the historical record of US policy toward Israel and the PLO-led UN onslaught against the Jewish state.
As Rosett noted, in stark contrast to Power’s self-serving lie, neither Reagan nor George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton nor George W. Bush would have ever countenanced a resolution like 2334.
Obama’s predecessors’ opposition to the war against Israel at the UN was not merely an expression of their support for Israel. They acted also out of a fealty to US power, which is directly targeted by that war.

torsdag 12 januari 2017

Obaman ger Iran mer än 10 kärnvapen som avslutningsjobbb jpbb med kärlek till Iran och hat mot Israel..

Han vill sannerligen visa hur han vill bli ihågkommen av Irans mullor (ine det iranska folket),  och Israel. Och alla Israelhatare i USA. Ska bli intressant att se hur han får en näsknäpp av Trump i sann cowboystil.

Obongon Approves deal Giving Iran enough Uranium for more than 10 nuclear bombs.

 States tolerated and minimized Iran’s violations and sought to legitimize its international standing as a commercial supplier of heavy water.”
Albright told AP that “depending on the efficiency of the enrichment process and the design of the nuclear weapon,” Iran could create more than 10 atomic bombs with the uranium it will receive.

Too Many Concessions

AP noted that the latest side deal with Iran is expected to come under heavy criticism and perceived as “further evidence that Tehran is being given too many concessions.”
Diplomats who spoke to AP claimed that the uranium sent to Iran will be under “strict surveillance” by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) for 25 years. Iran has not stated what it will do with the uranium. It could store it or process it into low-enriched uranium to be sold as nuclear fuel. But the nuclear deal itself allows Iran to step up approved nuclear enrichment activities even before the 15-year deal expires.
In addition to Iran’s heavy water violations, the IAEA warned last month that Iran was likely to exceed its cap on low-enriched uranium if it continued producing it at current levels. That warning came just days after Iranian President Hassan Rouhani ordered his nuclear agency to draw up plans to develop nuclear-powered engines that would require uranium to be enriched to 20 percent (in violation of the terms of the deal, which only allows Iran to enrich up to to 3.67 percent).
The IAEA publicized documents last month that essentially showed that Iran could violate the deal without receiving penalties. Certain amounts of low-enriched uranium in Iran’s possession are considered “unrecoverable,” and therefore do not count against its cap. “If this whole thing rests on [Iran] promising not to build a facility that they’d probably only build in secret if they were going to actually break out, then this material probably should not be deemed non-recoverable,” Albright wrote.
When serving as Iran’s chief nuclear negotiator, Rouhani agreed to a temporary halt of uranium enrichment as part of the November 2004 Paris Agreement. But Iran backed out of the deal nine months later and began enriching uranium again. The following year, Rouhani boasted to a meeting of clerics that during the time that talks were ongoing in Paris, Iran was able to install equipment for converting yellowcake, a necessary step in enriching uranium.

Trump, glöm Ryssland, concentrera dej på Obamaadministrationens infiltration av terrorister från Muslimska Brödraskapet.

Länkar:  Sök i nedanstående blogg efter Obama, Muslim Brotherhoood.

Ser man svenska utgjutelser ser man att Obamas fyllande av sin administration med muslimska terrorister med terrorister inte anses som någon risk alls.









tisdag 10 januari 2017

Stephen Hawkings barnslighet.

SvD nämner Hawking, som är välkänd naturvetare men helt imbecill vad gäller politik - vilket inte hindrar honom och alla andra slags stjärnor att göra uttalanden helt i gammal Nazistil. Minns att hans rullstol och kommunikationsutrustning är framtagen i Israel men han nekade till en inbjudan från Shimon Peres och gjorde däremot totalt bort sej bland icke-terrorister bara för att lyda palestinska politiker. 


How can a man as brilliant as Hawking boycott Israel when it makes the microchip that enables him to talk? By DOUGLAS MURRAY

..... "But as though to show that even the brightest people can make fools of themselves, he has now done something which is beyond stupid".

Jag minns inte hur mycket detta publicerades i Sverige. Googla efter  Steven Hawking Israel wheelchair  och läs vidare. Det är svårt att tro på andra uttalanden av den mannen.

Googla också på Hawking Israel Intel


måndag 9 januari 2017

"Abbas vädjar till Trump om ambassadflytt"

Nä.  så dum är inte Trump att han lyssnar till påhitt från Arafat och Abbas.  Där finns inte en enda anledning varför feta Abbas skulle få kontroll över en enda gata i Jerusalem.

Egyptiern Arafat blev helt galen när han hörde talas om Jerusalem, vrålade "vill ha vill ha vill ha", utan att komma på några anledningar.

För att där bor araber? Då skulle Abbas också få kontroll över Malmö. För att Jordanien attackerat staden med brittisk hjälp och illegalt ockuperade en del 1948-67, då Israel återtog hela staden?

Jerusalem har aldrig någonsin varit arabisk huvudstad, inte heller under Jordaniens ockupation. Sverige erkände aldrig Jordaniens ockupation även om Sverige nu hade velat göra det retroaktivt.

För ett tag sen sa Abbas 

Once again, Abbas brags about how he hasn't made a single concession to Israel for peace.

Trump vet det även om inte Wallström gör det. Har TT nämnt det?

söndag 8 januari 2017

15 miljoner afrikaner kommer, EUs politiker ointresserade.

Video: https://thegolanispy.wordpress.com/

Se också: http://tundratabloids.com/2017/01/as-many-as-15-million-new-african-muslim-settlers-could-enter-europe-in-next-three-years/



Obamas nya tes: kvinnor starkare än män.

Det låter som ett svenskt uttalande - lika absurt. Läs artikeln:

Liberals Take to the Trenches in the War on Science

Time and again, the American left – led by the mainstream media, the Hollywood elite, and the Democratic Party – lectures us about the ignorance of conservatives, Christians, and anyone else who isn't devoted to a "progressive" (amazing how regressive is "progressivism") worldview.  With their talk shows, columns, commercialsmoviessitcoms,roundtablesprotests, Facebook posts, tweets, and the like, liberals unashamedly, repeatedly, and without hesitation (and often without much thought) denigrate those with whom they disagree.  Yet time and again, as they preach their philosophy and live out their "faith," it is liberals who are stubbornly hindered by the facts of science and morality.
Examples abound, but a recent case in point is President Obama's final address to the U.S. military.  After attempting to disguise his foreign policy failures with the accomplishments of our "remarkable Special Forces," and rightfully touting the love, patriotism, and sacrifice of our Gold Star families, Obama declared (emphasis mine):....

Ryssland skäller ut Kerry för hans vansinniga Israelhat

Varför gick Ryssland med israelhatarna i Säkerhetsrådet? De vann absolut inget på det. Men gamla vanor tycks svåra att bryta. Det nya uttalandet gick  ju helt emot SRs egna uttalande §242, länk.

Russia reportedly rejects Kerry request to adopt his Mideast peace framework

lördag 7 januari 2017

Mediernas Trumpskräck.avslöjad.

Våra statligt betalda PK massmedia har haft sin Trumpskräck som följetong ett tag nu, även efter det att han blivit garanterad som USAs nästa president. 

Varför inte läsa artikeln

Mediernas desinformation om påstådd rysk datahackning avklätt