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Ökat samarbete mellan Israel och Kina. Frihandelsavtal Israel-Ryssand.

Kinas försvar ska samarbeta med Israels och dess vänskap betonas sedan antiken. Ryssland och Israel säljer jordbruksprodukter till varandra - Turkiet förlorar stora summor på sin attack mot Ryssland. Summor de försöker få tillbaka genom att muta Merkel, försöka handla vapen från Israel för sitt folkmord av kurderna, gamla vänner till Israel, och närma sig Iran, som de just besökte.

Så länge Obongon fånar sig kan Israel likväl skapa närmare kontakter med Kina och Ryssland. Åtminstone sa Abbas direkt nej till Obamas oblyga tiggeri via Bidén  med sitt erbjudande om att ge bort halva judarnas huvudstad sedan 4000 år. och spottande av Arafats löfte att Israel skulle kontrollera area C, vilket gav honom Nobelpris.

Chinese general says bond with Jews is ancient

General Zhao Keshi meets IDF logistics delegation, says military relations between the two countries are developing smoothly.

By Gil Ronen
First Publish: 3/14/2016, 1:42 AM

General Zhao Keshi, member of China’s Central Military Commission (CMC) and director of the Logistics Support Department under the CMC, met with a logistics delegation of the Israel Defense Forces in Beijing last week.

Zhao Keshi welcomed the delegation Tuesday and said that the friendly exchange between the Chinese people and the Jewish people goes back to ancient times, an assertion that has little mention in credible historical sources. He also noted that the two nations had suffered catastrophes together and forged a profound friendship during World War 2.

Military relations between the two countries “have been developing smoothly in recent years, as manifested by the constantly deepened contacts in various areas and frequent exchange and pragmatic cooperation in military logistics,” Gen. Zhao noted, as reported by Chinese Ministry of Defense's news site.

He added that he hoped the exchange and cooperation in logistics between the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) and the Israel Defense Forces would be further expanded and that this would elevate relations between the two armies in the area of logistics to a new high.

In 2014, Gen. Keshi met with Major General Kobi Barak, head of Technological and Logistics Directorate of Israeli Defense Forces.

He extended his welcome to Barak and reviewed the friendship between the Chinese and Israeli militaries. He said that in recent years, the relationship of the two armies was “developing smoothly,” as evidenced by increased cooperation and frequent exchanges.

Russia, Israel, to Sign Free Trade Agreement

Russia and Israel are about to sign a free trade agreement in the very near future, Russian Deputy Agriculture Minister Sergey Levin told TASS on Friday after talks with his Israeli counterpart.
“We’ve discussed the prospects of forming a free trade zone, which the government plans to put on paper within the shortest period of time,” Levin said, adding that the issue had also been discussed at a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich.
Israeli Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel confirmed his intention to go ahead with the plan very soon.
The two sides agreed on reciprocal purchases of agricultural products, setting up joint ventures and the introduction of agricultural high-tech, Levin said. Russia would like to increase its sale of wheat, beef and eggs to Israel, while Israel, a world power in agricultural technology, is ready to share its expertise with its Russian trade partners.
Russia and Israel plan to establish a Moscow-based agricultural technological demonstration center, Ariel told TASS, adding that Israeli export to Russia has been decreasing recently due to the ruble’s devaluation, implying Israel would like to see a solution to the price gap, to encourage both exports and imports.

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