fredag 28 juli 2017

FNs "palestinska" ambassadör vägrade fördöma "palestinskt¨" mord av judar. Instämmer Löfven, Wallström?

Och världen uppmuntrar allt tydligare alla som hatar israeliska judar. Snart kan Wallströms systerfolk agera ut fullt.


Watch: PA ambassador to UN justifies slaughter of Israeli family

Questioned on Halamish masscare, PA ambassador says world cannot 'expect all Palestinians to be angels' and that 'resistance' is natural.
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Gary Willig, 

Palestinian Authority Ambassador to the UN Riyad Mansour refused to condemn the brutal slaughter of three Israelis at their Shabbat table last Friday and justified the murders in a statement at the UN headquarters in New York Monday.
An Arab terrorist entered the home of the Salomon family in Halamish as they ate their Shabbat evening dinner and murdered Yosef Salomon (70), and his children Haya (46) and Elad (35) in cold blood.
Mansour responded to a reporter's query that the PA cannot condone such an attack by telling the reporter not to "expect all Palestinians to be angels."
"If people think that the Palestinian people are going to live in that situation without any form of resistance to it, that is not realistic and that is not fair."

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