torsdag 5 januari 2017

Alla pengar till Iran

Iran har fixat $10 miljarder med hjälp av Obama sen avtalet.

The nuclear deal has been great for the Islamic Republic’s coffers. So where is the money being spent?  
Iran has received more than $10 billion in sanctions relief in cash and gold since reaching an interim nuclear deal with world powers in November 2013, The Wall Street Journal reported Friday.
These payments, which came from unfrozen assets in numerous countries, were favored by Iran as they offered “quick access to its funds and because of complications in wiring money to Tehran,” US officials told the Journal.
Since the interim deal was implemented in January 2014, Iran has been entitled to some $115 billion in sanctions relief. However, Iran “has struggled to access much of its money through more traditional financial channels, such as transfers through foreign banks that once were off limits,” according to the Journal.
Negotiators agreed to give Iran monthly payments of $700 million during nuclear talks, with the country recouping a total of $11.9 billion over 17 months. “To enable the flow of the $700 million monthly payments, the White House signed a series of legal waivers authorizing countries to unfreeze Iranian oil revenues,” the Journal reported, citing US officials. “Without the waivers, those countries in many cases would have been in violation of U.S. secondary sanctions.”

The transfer of the payments in cash and gold was “the kind of financial relief that made Iran’s leaders eager to complete the international nuclear accord,” the Journal added. Some of these payments took place during the negotiations and some took place after the deal was reached. Washington authorized a previously unreported $1.4 billion payment to Iran between July 2015, when the deal was announced, and January 2016, when implementation began, according to U.S. officials.

Klicka på rubriken så hittar du snart hur Iran skickar pengar till Hizbollah, som alltså Obama beviljat för att attackera hans förhatliga judar i Israel.  Ingen överraskning där.

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