tisdag 24 maj 2016

Svenska journalister tvingas ljuga om migrationen av cheferna.

Journalist speaks out: I was forced to hide the truth about immigration

Swedish Anna Ernius, who has 15 years of experience as a journalist, now speaks out about how she as a professional, systematically was forced to report the news not to favor the party the Sweden Democrats (SD) and other critics of the mass immigration.

In a post on her blog, Ernius writes how all local newspapers in her region gathered to hold a kind of "revival meeting" before the election in 2014. There they discussed how to "bust" SD and "pursue the agenda-journalism".

Anna Ernius writes that during the meeting, she was worried. She asked herself if it really was her role as a journalist to fight against a democratic party, rather than telling the truth.

"Previous learning, always to try to cover it up if it was an immigrant who had committed crimes, was small in comparison. That was automatic. But this. One of the parties would be treated differently, and that without reasonable cause. What had been understood before, now became crystal clear," she writes.

Ernius now says that she was "ashamed" of how she has previously acted as a journalist. She tells how she was forced to systematically cover up and alter the news that could create a negative view of the immigration from the Third World.

"Nothing negative about the immigration was allowed, it was only permitted to give good positive examples. It was a surreal existence."

When she was sent to write about asylum seekers, she said that she would not write any "sob stories".

"OK, said the boss and gave the assignment to another reporter."

She says she became increasingly critical of how her colleagues and editors maintained the cover up.

"I continued to make suggestions in the morning meetings, as is customary. But my suggestions - if they were about something concerning immigration, with the "wrong "angle - fell flat to the ground. Okay. Next suggestion?"

One of her journalist colleagues one night wrote to her on Facebook and accused her of having shared a "xenophobic" link. The colleague explained that she therefore was not a "real journalist".

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