onsdag 11 maj 2016

EU-armé uppsatt i smyg.


The UK Column has been highlighing the creation of an EU Army for several years. This agenda has been pushed through under the radar, with no public debate and no Parliamentary approval.
Today’s Daily Express confirms what we have been reporting, but we can also report that the EU Army is now established and can be activated in 24 hours if necessary. We reveal where the command and control centre will be.
This has a bearing on the EU Referendum vote, so please share widely.
‘SECRET PLOT EXPOSED: EU in stealth plan to set up ARMY by merging German and Dutch forces’
AN EU armed forces is being set up “by stealth” with the merger of the German and Dutch armies and navies, it has emerged.
By DAVID MADDOX PUBLISHED: 03:37, Wed, Apr 20, 2016 | UPDATED: 07:17, Wed, Apr 20, 2016
‘The plan is for the two countries to create a nucleus of an EU armed forces to fulfil the long term goal spelt out by German defence minister last year of having an EU army.
Ukip defence spokesman Mike Hookem is to ask the Commission what role it has played in talks to bring the new German/ Dutch force together as a nucleus for an EU military.
He pointed out that the developments are part of the centralisation by stealth going on in the EU which Britain will be dragged into if it votes to remain in the EU.
[Comment: EU = coup d’etat in slow motion. Doing in incremental bureaucratic steps what Hitler tried to do by force. Soon EU will use force too.]

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