söndag 24 juli 2016

Sveriges vänstermedia har glömt allt om neutral nyhetsförmedling.

Jag ligger på lasarettet med svart uppskuren häl och läser lite om världen. Ibland kastar jag ett öga på Sveriges historier om den, nu speciellt USA-valet. Fantasierna som i länk är otroliga. Alla vansinnigheter hon hittat på (du hittar många om du söker efter Hillary på denna bloggen) försöker man tysta som länk.

En artikel som har lite mer att göra med verkligheten och Trumps uttalanden följer nedan. Helt nertystad i Sverige men mycket verkligare om man har läst internationella källor det senaste året..


Trump’s speech was huge

He actually said that he wants to make America safe again.
Jack Engelhard, 24/07/16 00:11

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The nation turned its eyes on Donald Trump for his make-or-break speech at the GOP Convention and those who wanted him to succeed got what they wanted. Trump delivered. Those who wanted him to fail began the carping even before he uttered a single word.

They call it fact-checking. Some call it nitpicking.

Trump delivered the goods for nearly every segment of American society, and true Zionists who wanted a good word about Israel got it when he named Israel as “our greatest ally in the region.” This drew sustained applause from the packed house. Among Democrats, meaning Liberals, such talk usually gets jeers.

Trump’s central message to the entire nation was, “I will fight for you…I am your voice.”
The entire convention was springtime for Liberals, meaning Democrats, who sought every excuse, every pretext, to find fault.

They were horrified and ran to their Safe Spaces when any one, like Chris Christy or Mayor Rudy and last night Trump himself flogged their darling Hillary Clinton, for whom even the FBI could find no kindness except for her expertise at not getting caught with her hand in the cookie jar.

Types like Chris Matthews were shocked/shocked at any suggestion that Hillary was really crooked.

These are the same people who never vetted Obama and who now serve as Hillary’s protective shield.

From Trump they expect perfection. From Hillary they’ve learned to live with the nausea of low expectations.

She’s won them over not through brilliance, but through exhaustion.

Trump’s central message to the entire nation was, “I will fight for you…I am your voice.”

Already at MSNBC they were parsing the message word for word.

They always found something not quite right. Throughout the Convention, CNN had a dozen “experts” sitting around ready to pounce. They too found something – anything! At the BBC, they found their own experts, but only those who came to bash Trump and the GOP.

Trump – as before and in last night’s speech – spoke of honoring our police and of keeping America safe from intruders.

Anything wrong with that? They searched. They found. Somehow, they said, it made him xenophobic. Loving the police? That’s racist, they said.

Trump even cited individuals who had been murdered by illegal aliens. “This has to stop,” he said last night.

No it doesn’t, said the liberal media, which is practically all of them except Fox News.

He called for a stop at bringing in more Syrian refugees, people we don’t know, among them people who intend to do us harm.

Anything wrong with that? Yes, said the media, that’s bigotry.

Trump said that our borders should be open only to those who “love our people.”

Sounds good, right? Nope. Not to the experts.

He said, “I am your law and order candidate. I want to make America safe again.”

Is this a problem? For Liberals, meaning Democrats, meaning the news media, yes, that is a problem.

All things considered, they are the problem.

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