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Där är förvirring vad kristna i Mellanöstern tänker, vilket bl.a. utnyttjas av Svenska Kyrkan för att avsiktligt förvirra andra, allt sedan ärkebiskop Capucci transporterade vapen till Arafat. En artikel som klargör några moment.

Aramaean leader slams PA Evangelical 'liars'

Father Gabriel Naddaf says Evangelicals tell churches abroad that Hamas' terror tunnels 'are actually for food and drink.'

By Gil Ronen
First Publish: 2/18/2016, 10:37 PM

Father Nadaf in Samaria
Christian Friends of Judea and Samaria Communities

Nazareth-based Father Gabriel Naddaf, spiritual leader of the Israeli Aramean Christian movement, blasted Palestinian Evangelical Christians Thursday after they signed a pact of "reconciliation" with some Israeli "Messianic" Christians.

Writing on Facebook, Naddaf asked why Israeli Christians are "partaking in a conspiracy of silence with anti-Israel church leaders."

He accused the Palestinian Evangelicals of denouncing the Aramaean Christians of Israel as "collaborators" at their conferences and slandering Israel's reputation, telling churches abroad that Hamas' terror tunnels "are actually for [smuggling] food and drink."

According to Father Naddaf, many on the Palestinian Evangelical side of the table had in the past tacitly supported anti-Israeli terrorism and called for “global theological resistance” against the Jewish state.

The agreement was signed earlier this month in Larnaca, Cyprus.

Opposition reportedly arose from other Israeli Christians after it was discovered that the leaders of both groups had pledged to refrain from publicly criticizing one another.

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